Logies 2015 Fashion Picks

As most Australians know, last night was the 57th Logie Awards aka the night of nights for Australian television. My favourite part is the red carpet, and getting to see Aussie celebs and media personalities showcasing their favourite Australian labels. Here are my top 10 picks for the night.

1. Carrie Bickmore wearing custom J’Aton.
By far my favourite look of the night, I love the detailing on this dress, the way the lines are shaped to contour the body is genius. I’m also loving the mermaid-like train on the back of the garment, as it adds an extra element and when mixed with the lines gives a creative 3D effect. If I could change one thing it would be to bring in the neckline just a tad as it droops down too low and looked a little unflattering on certain angles.

2. Jennifer Hawkins wearing Alex Perry.
Jenn has captured the perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication with this look which can be very tricky to do. I love the long sleeves on this dress, because if she had gone with short straps or strapless, it could have become very tacky from showing too much skin. Once again another great collaboration with Jenn and Alex.

3. Rebecca Judd wearing J’Aton.
Loving all of these beautiful designs by the boys at J’Aton at this years Logies. I’m obsessed with this dress (mainly because I love pink and lace dresses). I love the X shape this dress makes with the low V-neck line and the high split in the middle. Which by the way was a very bold move as it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I love the flared princess-like sides at the bottom of the dress as it takes some of the attention away from the split and adds some extra volume.

4. Olympia Valance wearing J’Aton.
Okay, so I may be a little biased considering Olympia is one of my favourite actresses at the moment, but this dress is beautiful. I know you’re probably thinking this is a bit dramatic for the Logies, and I understand where you’re coming from. This could have been a train wreck if her hair and makeup we’re also competing for focus, but instead they were kept simple and sleek to keep all of the attention on this stunning Egyptian inspired neck feature. I love this crisp white on her beautiful olive skin and dark features because they all compliment each other. The only thing I would change about this is the puffy sleeves, I feel as though they wern’t necessary and also look extremely inconvenient.

5. Demi Harman wearing custom Steve Khalil.
This beautiful deep red gown is a big stand out for the night and is worn beautifully by Demi. Very few atendees wore red this year, which made this custom made design pop from the sea of blue hues and monochrome goodness. The flared hem line makes this dress more dramatic then your typical ‘princess’ dress, and the detailing down the back is absolutely breath-taking. See the back of the gown here.

6. Scherri-Lee Biggs wearing Cappellazzo Couture.
A classic spin on the signature Marilyn Monroe style could not have been a better pick for Scherri. The different hues of white and light peach make the dress come to life instead of just a simple white. The structure of the garment on the upper body creates some drama and brings your eye to her stunning hair and makeup which is my favourite part of this look.

7. Anna Bamford wearing Yeojin Bae.
The 2015 Logies showcased alot of plunging necklines and leg spilts, which as I’ve spoken about above, can either look elegant or tacky. Anna however has captured the perfect balance with this dress by still having her clevage and leg showing, but covered by a tinted black mesh to keep some modesty. I love the shapes the designer has made with the mesh panels as it gives the illusion of curves on a petite frame like Anna’s. This dress is showing skin in all of the right places. Having an open back was a great idea as it could have looked like she was attending a funeral if she was completely covered up.

8. Melissa Doyle wearing George Elsissa.
Lady Gaga was the first thing that came to mind when I first saw this outfit. Though this design is kept very simple with a straight cut long gown with a slight train, the added structure on the left side of the dress makes it unique. The perfect example of simple elegance with an edge.

9. Kerri-Anne Kennerley wearing Mary Ioannidis Couture.
Grown-up barbie doll is one of the many names used to describe this look, I however see it as a mature aged women expressing herself and having fun with fashion. Good on her! If I look this good when I’m in my 60’s I’ll be extremely happy. This colour goes beautifully with her complexion and hair colour, which was a great pick from her styling team because choosing the wrong colour for a mature aged woman which can make them look washed out and older than they really are. I’m also glad the dress had a mesh panel at the top because a strapless dress would not have suited her.

10. Isabella Giovinazzo wearing Carla Zampatti.
Last but certainly not least is this cute and sexy little number which is accompanied with some almost gladiator style strappy heels. I’m in love with this dress from the beautiful metalic blue to the off the shoulder boat cut neckline. Of course the dramatic length difference between the back and front of the dress makes it seem less casual and more fitting for an awards ceremony.

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