Detailed Self Tanning Guide (Tips&Tricks) – Bondi Sands

I get a lot of questions regarding my tan and how nice and natural it looks, so I decided to throw together a Tanning Guide. If you’ve never tanned before and are curious on how to create a natural, streak free tan or maybe you haven’t quite mastered it yet, then this is definitely going to help you!

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Motivational Playlist for Working From Home!

Working from home can sometimes be challenging when you’re faced with distractions (and the option to work from your bed). What I find motivates me, is a killer playlist that I can blast to keep me in the right frame of mind. So I thought I’d share my favorite playlist at the moment which has some new songs, and some old school bops.
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Dressing trendy in the Aussie heat.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Australia, you would know how unpredictable our weather is. Especially in Queensland where it feels like summer all year round. Thus making it hard for us to keep up with trends from around the world.
A lot of people I have spoken to use the heat here as an excuse of ‘not being bothered’ with their outfit choices.
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